Wow! December 1, 2017

November has turned out to be one of the best months for Guard Your Smile Dentistry in 2017!  A very special Thanks to all of our wonderful patient and staff family.  We are looking forward to a Great December as well!  Even with the Holidays there are 18 business days in December remaining! Please keep an eye out for the 12 Days of Christmas specials we are posting on Facebook and Lighthouse 360 and new Web site from November 27 through December 12!  Please let us know if there are any dental needs you want to do now before the end of the 2017.  We are offering these great specials to save you money and entice you to move forward.

Dr. Guard and Dr. Mayher and staff look forward to seeing you!

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Spring Cleaning!

Make an appointment to get your teeth cleaned – A Spring Cleaning!

During spring and summer there are usually a lot of events.

Weddings, family gatherings and vacations.

Enhance your smile this season!

We offer Zoom Teeth Whitening and other methods to enhance the beauty of your smile!  Now is a great time to have this done!  Show that smile off!

If you are on a vacation this summer and there is a dental issue, it is better to get it fixed before you go away.  This will only make your vacation that much better!

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Oral Health is Linked to Overall Health

Below is a post we found from Delta Dental about how your oral health can affect your overall health!! Very interesting!


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Ready to Guard Your Smile!

Welcome to Dr. Guard & Dr. Guard Mayher’s Annapolis Family Dental‘s  blog page! (Whew that was a mouthful!)  We are happy you have found this site. The practice wants to keep you informed on the latest and greatest procedures out there but don’t worry it won’t be all technical terms and boring dental news. We want to make this fun for you!  You’ll find out a little more about our wonderful staff as well as things that we are participating in.

Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion!  We want to know what you think about things as well!  We will make sure to comment back to you when possible.

Looking forward to keeping you even more informed!!

The Staff at Dr. Guard & Dr. Guard Mayher’s

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